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Department Of English


Department of English

Year of Establishment: 1999

About The department

The Department of English, Sitalkuchi College was established on September 1, 1999. This date marks the beginning of the department’s journey towards imparting English language education and literary studies to the students of Sitalkuchi College. With its inception, the department aimed to provide a platform for students to enhance their language skills, develop a deep understanding of English literature, and cultivate critical thinking abilities.

Department Notice

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Since its initiation, the Department of English has been committed to promoting effective communication, language proficiency, and literary appreciation among its students. The faculty members have strived to create a conducive learning environment, offering courses that cover a wide range of topics, including grammar, composition, literature, and linguistics.

The Honours course was introduced in 2008 with an intake capacity of 57 students with the current capacity of 200. In spite of being located in an extremely remote place where most of the students are 1st generation learners, the Department has never ceased to produce brilliant students who have not only established themselves in different fields, but also shined in their academic prowess by being University toppers (Gold Medalists). Some have even gone on to qualify NET/SET and are now pursuing their PhD from prestigious universities across India. It has facilitated the development of language skills essential for various professional fields and provided a strong foundation for higher studies in English. Over the years, the department has played a significant role in shaping the academic and intellectual growth of countless students.

Why Study English?

Highligths of Academic and Cultural Activities

The department of English organizes a variety of events and activities throughout the academic year. Here are some highlights that are often associated with an English department:
These events contribute to the overall academic and cultural experience within the department. They help to promote a supportive learning environment, encourage creative expression, and provide opportunities for students to engage with faculty members and fellow peers on a deeper level.

Programs Offered & Intake Capacity

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The Department of English, Sitalkuchi College currently offers two programs: the Honours Course and the General/Programme Course. These programs cater to the diverse academic needs and aspirations of students interested in the study of English language and literature.

  1. Honours/Major Course: The Honours/Major Course in English is a specialized program designed for students who wish to pursue an in-depth study of the English language, literature, and related fields. This course was introduced in the session 2008-2009 in this institution. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of English, including language structure, literary analysis, critical thinking, and cultural contexts. Students enrolled in the Honours Course delve into advanced topics and engage in rigorous academic research, honing their analytical and interpretive skills. The program prepares them for further research in English or related disciplines, as well as for diverse career opportunities that require a strong foundation in English.
  2. General/Programme Course: The General/Programme Course in English is a broader program that caters to students who have a general interest in English language and literature but may not wish to pursue an in-depth specialization. This course was offered since the inception of the college, i.e., 01 September 1999. It offers a balanced curriculum that covers fundamental concepts of English grammar, literature, and communication skills. Students in the General/Programme Course acquire essential language proficiency, literary appreciation, and communication abilities. The program equips them with transferable skills that are valuable in various professional domains, including writing, editing, content creation, and teaching. Under the curriculum of NEP, introduced from the session 2023-2024, the Programme Course as a separate course has ceased to exist.

Curriculam Plan

All question paper are available in college library & departmental library.
All results are available in college library & departmental library.

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