Sitalkuchi College

Sitalkuchi College

Recognized by UGC u/s 2(f) &1 2(b)

An Affiliated Unit Of CBPBU, Coochbehar

NAAC Accredited with B

Examination Section

Examination Section

Examination Details (Under CBCS)

  1. In the semester system, the under-graduate Examinations will be held in six parts –
    1. The First and Second Semester for the first-year students
    2. The Third & Fourth Semester for second year students and Fifth & Sixth Semester for the third year students respectively. The academic sessions including the examinations for first, third and fifth semesters are July to December and that for second, fourth and sixth semesters are January to June. Before each of the Semester Examinations, a student will enjoy study leave of 10-12 days for preparation.
  2. A candidate shall be eligible for appearing at any of the Semesters of U.G. Examination, fulfilling the following essential condition:
    • Minimum 75% attendance of teaching learning sessions is required. Under CBCS system 4 marks has been allotted for attendance.
  3. Students should complete internal assessments (continuing evaluation, CE) before appearing at the respective semester examination and the marks obtained will be carried over in case students fail to pass the course(s).For internal assessment 6 marks have been allotted.
  4. All courses irrespective of credits attached with it, will be assessed on the basis of full marks 50. Out of this 8/10 marks of each theoretical course / unit will be assessed through continuous evaluation during the semester and 40/42 marks in the end-semester examinations. All the internal continuing evaluation (CE) will be conducted by the internal teachers of the concerned Department. It shall be on the basis of tutorials, seminar presentations, class tests or any combinations thereof, evenly distributed over the entire period of study, and on the basis of the percentage of a student’s attendance in class. The modalities of such assessment will be recorded and documents will be preserved by the college.
  5. The AECC courses will be assessed through continuous evaluation by the college and the related documents shall be preserved.
  6. In the Semester system, there would be automatic progression right from the first Semester, till the fifth Semester, irrespective of the marks obtained in the previous Semesters subject to the fact that the eligibility conditions for appearing in the examination are satisfied.
  7. Eligibility conditions imply:
    1. The student must get admitted in the concerned semester and must be present in at least 75% of classes held during the semester and participate in continuing evaluation.
  8. A student failing to pass in one or more course(s) in 1st/2nd Semester Examination shall be permitted to re-appear in that course(s) in respective semester examinations of the following year as 2nd chance. A student will be permitted to clear his/her failed course(s) in maximum three consecutive chances irrespective of availing/not availing any particular chance. If a student wishes to skip examination in a semester it would be included within the stipulated three chances. Students who skip 1st/2nd Semester Examination will be eligible to clear those course(s) in the respective Semester Examinations of subsequent years, i.e., 1st Semester with the 1st Semester of the subsequent year, 2nd Semester with the 2nd Semester of the subsequent year and so on.
  9. If a candidate secures qualifying grade (P grade) in all courses he/she will be declared to have qualified the said semester and the result will be shown as Q. However, if a student fails to secure qualifying grade P in a particular course his/her result of the concerned semester-end examination will be declared SNC (Semester Not Cleared). Marks obtained in the internal assessment will be clubbed with marks obtained in the semester examination before awarding the grade. If a candidate fails to secure pass grade in a particular Course, he/she will have to appear in that Course only. The internal assessment marks will be retained for next examination(s) with valid chances.
SubjectsFull MarksDuration
Honours/Program Theoretical Paper40/422 Hours
Honours/Program Practical PapersBelow 503 Hours (Maximum)

Results: Grading on 10-point scale

O (Outstanding)1090 - 100
A+ (Excellent)980 - 89
A (Very Good)870 - 79
B+ (Good)760 - 69
B (Above Average)655 - 59
C (Average)550 - 54
P (Pass)440 - 49
F (Fail)0x
Ab (Absent)Abx

After publication of the results of each semester, the University will issue Grade Card (Mark Sheet) to each candidate, which will contain the list of papers, the grades and the credit points, actually obtained marks in percentage obtained by the student along with SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) in that semester. Course code will be an alpha-numeric symbol that would signify the course, semester and the department. SGPA is evaluated by the formula:

SGPA (Si) =∑ (Ci X Gi)/∑Ci, where Ci is the number of credit of a paper, Gi is the grade point.

On successful completion of the program, CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) will be calculated as follows:

CGPA =∑ (Ci X Si) / ∑ Ci ; SGPA (Si) = ∑ (Ci x Gi) / ∑Ci

On successful completion of the program, CGPA will be calculated as follows:

CGPA =∑ (Ci x Si) / ∑ Ci

Examination Committee Members

Sl. No.NameDesignation
1Mr. Abed Ali MiahPresident, Governing Body
2Shri Tapan kr. GuhaNEED DATA
3Shri Sunil Kr. PramanikNEED DATA
4Shri Ananta Rava (T.C.S)NEED DATA
5Shri Krishna Kanta DebnathNEED DATA
6Mr. Mozammel RahamanNEED DATA
7Shri Surajit BarmanNEED DATA
8Mr. Atiur RahamanNEED DATA
9Shri Debi BarmanNEED DATA
10Member, Students UnionNEED DATA
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