Sitalkuchi College

Sitalkuchi College

Recognized by UGC u/s 2(f) &1 2(b)

An Affiliated Unit Of CBPBU, Coochbehar

NAAC Accredited with B

Vision, Mission, Value

Mission & Vision of Sitalkuchi College

Sitalkuchi College was established in the year 1999 for providing collegiate education to the aspiring students of Sitalkuchi- Sitai community development blocks of the district of Cooch Behar. The catchment area of the college is a rural locality along the Indo-Bangladesh Border. Also the area is socio-economically backward inhabited mostly by Scheduled Caste and Other Backward Communities. Thus, the college stands for providing higher education to the students of the backward communities of a backward region. With this aim in mind, the college came into being mainly with the enthusiasm of the local educationists, committed social workers and other patronisers. As per direction of the Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal, (vide memo no. 611-Edn(CS)/ 4C 10/99 dated 14/06/99), the University of North Bengal granted affiliation to Sitalkuchi College in July 1999. However, the college received the Govt. approval (vide memo no. 1304 Edn (CS)/ 4C 10/99 dated 07.10.1999) in October 1999. From 1st September, 1999 the academic activities of the college were started in a one storied school building near Sitalkuchi Hospital. Then in the last week of October, 2006 the college was shifted to its own premises. The college having a campus area of 3.33 acres of land, a big playground, now functions from a three winged three storied building. As the college is socially committed to upgrade its academic goals infrastructural development work is moving forward.

Our Vision

The vision of the college is to build itself as an excellent higher education institution providing high quality education to the students of its backward hinterland. This requires the college to provide excellent academic and infrastructural facilities to all its students. It visualises to provide an empowering, responsive and enabling academic environment looking forward to a future when a large number of its students succeed in different job opportunities and act as responsible and responsive citizens to build a sustainable physical and social environment of the region and the country at large.

Our Mission

The mission of Sitalkuchi College is to provide quality under graduate education to the students of a remote, rural, backward area along Indo-Bangladesh border of Sitalkuchi and Sitai community development blocks of Cooch Behar district. The college is contributing to the development of the area in which it is embedded by preparing the young minds for imbibing knowledge, skills and sensitivity. Anchored by the values of excellence, accountability, respect for differences, social responsibility, fellow feeling and austerity, the college fosters its students to pursue self fulfillment and contribute meaningfully to the local as well as the larger society after completion of their studies.

Core Values

To fulfill the mission and materialise the vision of the college, it is guided by some core values. The College endorses these values as: Excellence, Accountability, Respect for Differences, Social Responsibility, Fellow Feeling and Austerity.
Excellence: The College is committed to providing the best possible education to the students. It fosters and nourishes the strength and talent of all the in-house stake holders of the institution, so that they can be the Best and can give the Best. The college promotes an informative, academic environment for all its members to achieve the highest standard in their respective activities.
Accountability: The College upholds the principle of accountability in preparing the teachers, staff and providing services to the students. Honesty and transparency form the base of this value. For maintaining accountability, responsible decision making and conflict resolution are encouraged and dignity of the concerned person is highly respected.
Respect for Differences: The College is committed to the belief that differences and diversity strengthen the academic environment. Respect for differences in values and perspectives are maintained and cherished, dialogue and free exchange of ideas with respect and civility are maintained.
Social Responsibility: The College promotes the value of social responsibility through engaged academic activities as well as community service. The idea of responsible citizenship is fostered by providing opportunities of environmental awareness, equal opportunity to all and gender equality. As an academic institution activity of the college is committed to the betterment of its immediate society.
Fellow Feeling: The College strongly believe in producing a healthy academic and corporate life within the institution by following the principle of fellow feeling, mutual kindness, the sense of common duties. The only way to avoid the growth of any conflict of interest, it is absolutely necessary to build up a sense of mutual empathy among the students, teachers and staff.
Austerity: The College is committed to the value of austerity as against the prevailing dominant value of consumerism. This institutional value is inculcated among the students, teachers and staff. The College feels sure that the value of austerity could lead to achieve the goal of sustainability in the long run.
The corporate life of the college is guided by these values. However, as in all cases the realization of these values require continuous cultivation. The college is committed to such kind of nourishment always. our cultivation. The college is committed to such kind of nourishment always.

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