Sitalkuchi College

Sitalkuchi College

Recognized by UGC u/s 2(f) &1 2(b)

An Affiliated Unit Of CBPBU, Coochbehar

NAAC Accredited with B

Dr. Prosenjit Ray

Name: Dr.Prosenjit Ray
Designation: State Aided College Teacher
Department of History
Mobile No: 9002783337

I.Personal Information

Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Hinduism
Caste: Sc
Dob: 04.01.1986
Birth Place: Sitalkuchi
Language Known: Bengali, Hindi, English, Rajbanshi/kamatapuri
Nationality: Indian
Permanent Address: Paschim Sitalkuchi, P.o: Bamanpara, Cooch Behar-736158.
Communication Address: Department Of History, Sitalkuchi College, Sitalkuchi, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, Pin- 736158

II.Educational Summary

QualificationYear of passing.Division
PhDAwarded 2022Na

PhD thesis title: “The Princely State of Cooch Behar (1849- 1911): A Study of Socio-cultural Activities of the Intelligentsia”

III. Employment History

InstitutionYear (from to)Designation
September 2011 to
February 2012
Guest Lecturer
5th September 2018 to
December, 2019
Guest Lecturer
1st January 2020
State Aided College
Teacher – I

IV. Professional Affiliations And Services:

Taught In History At Netaji Open University Study Centre, Sitalkuchi College.

V. Publications:

Articles published in Journals
  1. ‘Agrarian Life in Cooch Behar State (1773-1897): A Perspective of Technology, Agriculture & Calamities’, Raiganj University Journal of History, Vol. I, 2019.
  2. ‘Cooch Behar Rajye Bangkla Bhasa O Sahitya Charchay Boudhhik Samaj’, Ebang Mahuya, (listed under UGCCARE), Vol. 22, issue 120, April, 2020.
  3. ‘Swadeshi Andolane Bangla Sangite Swadeshi Bhabna (1905-1911): Ekti Aitihasik Alochana, Ebang Mahuya (listed under UGC-CARE), vol. 22, issue 121, May, 2020.
  4. ‘Rise of the Intelligentsia in the Princely State of Cooch Behar (1859-1922): A Study of their Activities’ Journal of Indian History & Culture (listed under UGC-CARE), June, issue 26, 2020.
  5. ‘Cooch Behar Matrimony Debate: A Study of BrahmoHindu Matrimony’, Shodh Sanchar Bulletin (listed under UGC-CARE), Vol. X, Issue 40, October-December, 2020.
  6. ‘Khen Dynasty (c1440 CE-1498CE) of Kamatapur: A Study of State Security Policy’, Shodh Sarita (UGCCARE listed), Vol. VIII, Issue 29, January – March 2021
  7. ‘In-Migration in Sitalkuchi Block After 1947: A Study of Socio-Cultural and Economic Changes’, Journal of Indian History & Culture (listed under UGC CARE), 30, 2023.
Article published in Book Chapter
  1. ‘Roy Saheb Panchan Barma: Prasanga Vidyalaya Shiksha O Loka shiksha’ Edited by Dr. Jaydip Roy Rajbanshi samaj Kshatriyakaran Undolan o Panchanan Barmar Bhumika, Cinnamara College Sakha Sahitya Sabha & Publication, Cinnamara, Jorhat-08, Assam, India, 2016
  2. ‘Sanskritir Aloke Rajbanshi Samajer Binodan Byabastha O tar bibartan: Prekshit Cooch Behar Jela’, edited by Sukhabiladh Barma and others, Uttarer Loka sanskritir dhara- I, Uttar Prasanga, 2019

Vi. Conference/ Seminar Presentations

  1. ‘Roy Saheb Panchan Barma: Prasanga Vidyalaya Shiksha O Loka shiksha’ UGC sponsored National Seminar ‘A Critical Assessment of the Kshatriyanization Movement of the Rajbanshi Society and the Role ofPanchanan Barma’ 24th & 25th March, 2015, Dept. of History, Vivekananda College, Alipurduar
  2. ‘Parties & Politics in Sitalkuchi Block: A Study of violence in post-partition period’, One –day seminar on India’s experiment with local Democracy sponsored by the Govt. of West Bengal, 22nd March, 2017 organised by Department of Political Science, Raiganj University.
  3. ‘Victoria College in the Princely State of Cooch Behar: A Study of Higher Education’, workshop on Research Methodologies in History & Social Sciences in the Light of New Sources & Research Scholars’ Seminar, 27th November, 2018, Dept. of History, Raiganj University, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal.

Viii. Additional Working Experience(S):

  • a) Coordinator, Add-on Course “The Heritage and Historical Shrines of North Bengal and its Impact on the History of Indian Civilization Through the Ages” held in the academic session 2021-2022 in the Department of History, Sitalkuchi College, Cooch Behar.
  • b) Project Director, the project entitled ”Thania Itihas Charchar Sandhane Kshetra Samiksha2022 (Sitalkuchi Block): Prasnga Vidyala’ (completed), Department of History, Sitalkuchi College.

Viii. Area Of Interest:

History of North Bengal, migration and border studies, Renaissance, Intellectual history & oral history.

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