Core Values

Core Values

To fulfill the mission and materialise the vision of the college, it is guided by some core values. The College endorses these values as: Excellence, Accountability, Respect for Differences, Social Responsibility, Fellow Feeling and Austerity.

Excellence: The College is committed to providing the best possible education to the students. It fosters and nourishes the strength and talent of all the in-house stake holders of the institution, so that they can be the Best and can give the Best. The college promotes an informative, academic environment for all its members to achieve the highest standard in their respective activities.

Accountability: The College upholds the principle of accountability in preparing the teachers, staff and providing services to the students. Honesty and transparency form the base of this value. For maintaining accountability, responsible decision making and conflict resolution are encouraged and dignity of the concerned person is highly respected.

Respect for Differences: The College is committed to the belief that differences and diversity strengthen the academic environment. Respect for differences in values and perspectives are maintained and cherished, dialogue and free exchange of ideas with respect and civility are maintained.

Social Responsibility: The College promotes the value of social responsibility through engaged academic activities as well as community service. The idea of responsible citizenship is fostered by providing opportunities of environmental awareness, equal opportunity to all and gender equality. As an academic institution activity of the college is committed to the betterment of its immediate society.

Fellow Feeling: The College strongly believe in producing a healthy academic and corporate life within the institution by following the principle of fellow feeling, mutual kindness, the sense of common duties. The only way to avoid the growth of any conflict of interest, it is absolutely necessary to build up a sense of mutual empathy among the students, teachers and staff.

Austerity: The College is committed to the value of austerity as against the prevailing dominant value of consumerism. This institutional value is inculcated among the students, teachers and staff. The College feels sure that the value of austerity could lead to achieve the goal of sustainability in the long run.

The corporate life of the college is guided by these values. However, as in all cases the realization of these values require continuous cultivation. The college is committed to such kind of nourishment always. our cultivation. The college is committed to such kind of nourishment always.

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